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Star Trek DS9 Cardassian phaser rifle full size prop

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Product Description

Very rare full size replica of the rifle used througout DS9. This was used by the cardassian when they wanted to make a 'point'.... It's made from heavy resin, and really looks the part! I can't tell you how good you look holding this monster! Grab yourself a chance to own one of the most awesome pieces of start trek props ever!

Some details about the rifle:

Although DS9 "Return to Grace" comments that the Cardassian rifle is more powerful, this seems unlikely if the weapon only has two settings. The Federation rifle vaporizes on level eight and setting sixteen is much more powerful. With only two settings we would have to assume that the Cardassian rifles could be set to only stun or massive overkill. (Alternatively, it is possible that the two Cardassian settings are kill and "massive overkill"; it would not be inconsistent with Cardassian nature for Cardassians to have only lethal settings for their rifles.)

Based on some of the sequences, it seems likely that many of the writers assumed that the setting that vaporizes must be maximum. This seems a poor assumption given that Kirk era Type I phasers could vaporize people. Even the TOS phaser rifle was powerful; it was rarely used and the crew was surprised that Spock requested it. It was commented (jokingly) that it could have been used to shear off some of the mountain.

Class: Rifle Weapon Manufacture: Cardassian Union Start of Production: 2365 Mass: 1.1 kg Length: 50 cm Power capacity: 98,000 kilojouls Available Settings: 3, 10 Max Range: 700 meters Notes: Has a removable power cell, and a sight. Very resistant to damage.

The Cardassian disruptor rifle is a much simpler design. It has very few settings on it and less components than its alien counterparts. Major Kira Nerys said that it could be dragged through the mud and still fire. (DS9: "Return to Grace")

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